waking up from hibernate on laptop --> GUI problem

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  • Hiya, hope ur all good :)

    sometimes when I wake my laptop up from hibernation, having left Construct 2 open, when I maximize Construct 2's window, the majority of the GUI is missing D:

    a video showing the problem:

    View My Video

    my specs:

    Dell XPS L502x Notebook

    i7 2630QM

    6GB RAM

    750GB 7200RPM HDD

    Geforce GT525M 1GB DDR3

    Windows 7 Ultimate [64-Bit]

    all drivers up to date

  • I noticed some problems with the GUI when the laptop comes out of hibernation too, like the icons on the top bar are screwed up. I just close and restart C2. I've always had this small issue.

    Windows 7 64 bit here as well, on a Dell Latitude E6510.

    Maybe I'll post a screenshot if Ashley (or anyone) wants to have a look.

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  • Yeah, I've always had that problem too, also Windows 7 64-Bit.

    Just assumed it was to do with their UI library, so never bothered mentioning it.

  • it gets really annoying sometimes cause sometimes I forget to save work or not sure if whatever I was doing within the engine was supposed to be saved or not

  • It is pretty annoying, I've just got used to closing construct2 before hibernating, but it's not really ideal.

  • By making active C"'s window and pressing ALT+Space, does any pop menu appear with the option to maximize the window?

    I've seen this happen sometimes. Not sure if this is the same, though.

  • I think it's just the OpenGL rendered layout that would cause this. I've never seen it on my Windows 7 PC which sometimes hibernates, it may be a graphics card driver issue though, are your drivers up to date?

  • yep, everything is up to date and working fine on my W7 and C2 is configured to use the Nvidia card instead of the integrated Intel one in my laptop

  • Same here, even including my Nvidia card being configured for Construct2. Does it even when using the integrated card though, so don't think it can be related to the graphics card?

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