[v.r116 / WinXP] Default Preview Browser Error

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  • On Windows XP Service Pack 3,

    With Firefox opened, Chrome closed, Construct2 preference in Default Preview Browser: Chrome

    Results: Game is opened on Firefox.

    With Chrome and Firefox Opened.

    Results: Game is opened on Firefox.

    Only seen this in WindowsXP. On Windows 7 seems to work fine (only tested r115 on Win7)

    All browsers are installed on default directories on main partition of main disk. All latest versions.

    Maybe a bug, maybe not. I'm stuck with winxp on my office and that's sucks.

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  • What's the 'preview browser' project property? That's the one that decides which browser is opened. The 'default preview browser' option in preferences just chooses what that property starts off as.

  • Oh, I see. I had that on "chrome" in my machine with win7.

    On this one with winxp, since i started the new c2 version, it was on default (witch is firefox).

    If I put Default preview Browser on: "Chrome", for example, that doesn't suppose to change the selection "default" in Project Property to Chrome?

    Changing the Default browser in Preference and restarting C2 never change the selected browser in the Project Property.

    Maybe it's the intended behavior, but then, what's the purpose of the Preference option?

    Thanks for clarify this topic Ashly.

  • The 'default preview browser' option in preferences only chooses what the project property starts as for new projects. The project property is the one that actually decides which browser is launched. As far as I can tell everything is working as intended, so closing this report.

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