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  • Capx:

    I found something weird, when I installed my Construct 2 exported project on my Firefox OS device. In landscape mode, whole layout is rotated 180 degrees, but touch points are ok.

    In portrait, if you touch blue box in LT corner, it becomes smaller.

    In ladscape, blue box shows at RB corner, but you have to touch LT corner to make it smaller

    Could it be bug with Construct 2 or OS?

    Tested on Construct 2 r155. Project exported as Open Web App.

    Device runs Firefox OS 1.4

    Thanks for any help

  • Are you sure it's not a bug in Firefox OS? If it works correctly on all other platforms, that would suggest it's a bug you should report to Mozilla instead.

  • I don't really know, if it is Construct 2 or Firefox OS problem, so I just reported this here and on Mozilla's Bugzilla.

    Now I just have to wait for reply.


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  • Well, did you test it on other platforms? You should always do that to identify platform specific issues. That's why the bug field has that information to fill in by default. If you can't reproduce it on any platform other than Firefox OS, it's probably a Firefox OS bug.

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