unknown Invisible walls my player is colliding with

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    I'm new to construct 2. I am trying to create an RPG style game that replicates the gameplay of the Final Fanatasy games on the Super Nintendo. My project is pretty early in the works and is nowhere near complete. PROBLEM: when walking into a specific room(Downstairs), my player comes across areas in the room where he just stops as if walking into a wall when clearly there is nothing there that is solid. I check the layout and all the layers and I cant find any object that could or should be obstructing my path like this. I only have 4 objects in this whole layout. Please help I'm very confused.

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    How do I even upload my Capx

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      • Chrome: yes
      • FireFox: yes
      • Internet Explorer: yes Operating System and Service Pack Construct 2 Version ID Release 221 (64-bit)
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  • ZephyrKing Maybe you should ask the community if is something you missed or misunderstand instead of just post it as being a bug.

    Many people here including C2 is using Dropbox accounts to share/save capx. You can upload your capx to dropbox then share the link to your file

  • Here is a good place to post issues and questions

  • Closing, please see the bug report guidelines, which includes advice on how to attach a .capx.

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