unexpected token line 26981 in C2runtime.js

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    I think this is related to the sprite plugin, when I commented out line 26981, all worked perfectly well. I wasn't sure though if that was the source, but I saw 'scml' and 'scon' near the area of the code so I assumed. Also it only occurs when the js is not minified.

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    https://www.dropbox.com/s/jkgorrc4ogp50 ... le.js?dl=0

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    • Step 1 Build project with Spriter and an scml object
    • Step 2 export project unminifed
    • Step 3 etc. run

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  • Closing, please provide a .capx and avoid reporting bugs involving third-party addons. If the bug does not happen with the SCML object, it's probably due to that and you should report it to Brashmonkey.

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