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    I've been working on a game for a year now and just got this random problem where I cant open the construct 2 project file. whenever I double click on my construct 2 project file, it brings up a prompt that states, "Unable to open [file directory] for unzipping. I would really hate to lose my work. It doesn't matter what computer use the problem still remains.

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    windows 10

    Construct 2 Version ID

    release 233

  • First of all, please upload the .capx, so we can recreate the problem.

    Second, try to extract the .capx with a decompressing application like 7-Zip and open the included .caproj.

  • Worst case scenario: you should by default have 'autosave' and 'autobackups' setup, so you should have some files in the same directory as the .capx with suffix of .backup1, .backup2 etc and .autosave: see https://www.scirra.com/manual/61/preferences.

    You would just need to make the suffix .capx to enable them to be opened in C2.

  • I've been working in construct 2 without using the forums very much so i dont really get how to post my capx. When im editing a post it just has a line of text telling me to post it.

  • Instructions for uploading the capx are in the "***MUST READ FIRST!*** Bug report REQUIREMENTS" post for submitting any bugs.


    [quote:2zzc12tr]To save a .capx file, click "Save as single file" in the File menu. If you need a host, put it on a free Dropbox, OneDrive (formerly SkyDrive) or Google Drive account. We are unwilling to use file hosts which require an email address to be entered, and services which throw up loads of ads or make us wait for a time limit test our patience; use one of those three linked services which are all free and allow immediate downloads.

    Due to heavy spam on the forum, we have to block the posting of links for new users. If your link to the .capx is blocked, either remove the http and www parts, or insert * characters through them, e.g.



    h*t*t*p://w*w*w.example.com/myproject.capx "

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  • Closing, see the bug report requirements.

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