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    I'm starting to get quite annoyed by this to be honest. I have basically since I started using Construct had issues opening up my project after closing the program. Usually I have been able to open an automatically saved backup, but now I can't even do that. Is there anything you can help me with? I can't find any other files and I don't want to start all over again

    Attach a Capx



    Description of Capx

    My project file and an automatically saved backup, none of which I'm able to open anymore.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Open any of the files

    Observed Result

    Error message:


    Expected Result

    File opens

    Affected Browsers


    Operating System and Service Pack

    Win 7 SP 1

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Release 173

    Edit: As for the file mentioned in the error message, I can't find the folder named cap4KKIJ.

    Sorry if the names are confusing. "Balls Deep" was the working title. Now it is "(R)evolve", which I changed in Construct, but I still continued saving in the folder for "balls deep" if that clears anything up.

  • go to start on your pc

    and under search type in

    cap or cap4KKIJ

    and it should come up on your computer

    then right click the file or drag the file to your desktop

  • Can't find it

  • restore your pc my friend.

  • system restore your computer back to the date b4 the error

  • Using System Restore is painless—just click the Start button Picture of the Start button, type System Restore in the Search box, and then click System Restore (type your password or provide confirmation if prompted). Then follow the steps in the wizard.

    System Restore might suggest a recent restore point—the idea is to not go back in time any more than necessary.


  • Thanks for your suggestion. Any idea why this could happen?

    Luckily I'm using Dropbox, and was able to open a version of the project file dating a day or two back. I think I saved some work there, as system restore suggested a week or so back.


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  • happens when you have alot of programs or alot of internet pages open. like 1 out of 10000

  • I have a seperate computer just for making games. It tends to do better and smoothly performance.

  • Disk cleanup will help also. You might want to use your windows 7 disk cleanup.

    I uses it once a week. and it really helps.

  • oceldot, probably you have saved your project in folder and then saved in file, right? Ignore this user who is making more trouble than helping you and make the follow.

    Change the name of your .CAPX to .ZIP, unzip it and search for the texture folder.

    There will be some texture files, but, as the message is saying, it's missing one, called by "Particle.png".

    If you have a backup of this file, restore it inside the texture folder, with the exactly name, even the lower and upper case.

    Open your project inside this folder and you'll be able to work again...


    This issue is common for me, happen in 2 of 10 times, while doing the save of a folder to a capx, and happen randomly when working with C2. Since R50 I did by myself one or two bug reports about this issue, being ignored, because it's not easy reproduced, and without proofs or solid reproduction steps, you can't help the developer to find what's wrong with the code.

    I'm sure there is something wrong with the "Texture" saving system while porting a folder to CAPX, because the issue don't happen with other folders and files.

  • caplocks1111 - please wait a moment before hitting post to think about if you have something else to add before actually posting so you don't flood the topic with lots of posts made immediately after each other. You can also edit your posts as well.

  • Closing, I'm afraid we cannot do anything about reports unless they include a way to reproduce the problem, or at least some kind of hint as to what might have caused it. As it is you've just submitted a project with a file missing. The workaround TELLES0808 described should fix it (.capx files are really just folder projects in a renamed .zip file).

    caplocks1111 - please do not respond to bug threads unless you have relevant information to add - general system maintenance tools are probably not related to this issue.

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