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  • are there really file changes from beta to beta version?

    i want test r197 but said it was saved with r198.

    i want compare if my game behaves different.

    (i found other older project for test both)

  • This isn't a bug and has no place being posted here.

    You should post this in the How Do I section.

    Instructions for opening a build saved in a newer version have been answered numerous times, and simply involve opening the .caproj file and changing the " <saved-with-version>" numbers to whatever version you want.

    This relies on the obvious fact that you haven't used any of the new build features, which previous builds wouldn't have.

  • i know that is is not a bug but it is a message to the developer.

    why not add a button open anyway in messagebox with warning or info? or only for beta testers

    i think the c2 load interface should know when incompatible changes was made.

    anyway, thanks for this hint.

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  • Closing, posts in the Bugs forum should follow all the guidelines. We did not make any file format changes in r198 and would document this very clearly if there was any impact to users.

  • Yo, i did not find How I Do a "official Feature Request"

    i will hack the saved-with-version in file next time if needed ...

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