Unable to import sounds.

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  • No capx because this happens in new projects.

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Import any audio file.

    Observed result:

    File loads to the end of the bar, then just stops and locks up. Only way out is to ctrl-alt-del and shut down C2.

    Expected result:

    File to load in?

    Browsers affected:

    No idea, am usually Chrome but I can't actually preview since C2 locks up when loading in the file.

    Operating system & service pack:

    Windows 8. Updated to W8 a few days ago. First time I've tried to import a sound file since then. Old programs which already contain sound files are fine, but I can't import any audio file now.

    Construct 2 version:

    Latest (1.24)?

  • Don't know why but it works now. Something must've been bugged on my PC or something.

  • Closing; check the files you're importing are the correct format as well.

  • This is still happening by the way. The sounds are fine as they load in to other projects. At the very worse, shouldn't it produce an error? Instead, it locks up C2 completely and I'm forced to shut it down via the Task Manager, meaning I lose any work I've done.

    It does seem to be certain sounds, so I've just deleted them. They load in to sound programs fine but for some reason C2 doesn't like them so I've deleted them. Even so, locking up completely seems like a bad result, shouldn't it just reject them?

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  • I also use W8 and can confirm this bug.

    I first though that it had something to do with importing files other than 16-bit WAV files, but it happens when only importing 16-bit WAV files as well.

    As a workaround, you can obviously import the sounds separately which worked for me. I haven't tested importing multiple soundtracks or other files yet, but I will post it here if that'll also cause a freeze.

  • Has there been a fix for this yet? I've not put any of my sound files in, and C2 keeps locking up when I try to import any of them.

  • I think I found that recreating some of my files fixed this. Loaded them back up into Audactiy and created them from scratch, removed them from my project and put the new version in. It seemed to fix the problem, though I'm not sure if there is still a genuine issue.

  • I've just encountered this again and I see my original post is from 18 months ago. It's still happening, I import a WAV and the import bar loads to the end, then just locks up. The only way out is to shut down C2 through the task manager.

  • Is there a way that I can attach a sound file or send it to Ashley? Even if I try to import it into an new C2 project, it locks up C2 completely. It's a standard WAV file exported from Audacity. Very short, just a click. Other files exported in the same fashion work fine, but this one locks up any C2 project (and I've seen it from other sound files). Maybe if I can send it to him, he can reproduce it?

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