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  • Problem Description

    The window of the call function is not resizable. I can't add more than 16 parameters because the "add parameter" is hidden if they are too many. Is it possible to make the window's size resizable?

    Maybe it's because of my resolution, I have a little screen.

    Construct 2 Version ID

    I'm using the latest version.


  • It's true that the editor can be a bit buggy for extra space, but beyond that you might want to think about another method as 16 params is a bit much.

    You could just use a dictionary, and refer to the keypair, and if you need to get a specific object then use the function parameter to pass its id.

    Also this bug report will probably just get closed since you didn't follow any of the guidelines.

  • Why do you need so many function parameters?

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  • Thank you for the answer,

    I'm using this to build a dynamic item list. Each item has his own number, name, price, stats etc.

    And I want to have a function to be able to add these items in the list, anywhere in the game.

    But, yes, as you say Newt, there is probably another better solution. I think about this more.

    Thank you !

  • Closing as won't fix, you probably should use a different method of passing parameters if you need so many.

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