Two Bugs: .jpg .png compression & layer visibility

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  • Im working on an fan comic point and click adventure game, my first game, and its experimental. It was pointed out to me that I needed to compress the images to make the .capx and over all project smaller.

    Heres the problem/bug. When I compressed the images and saved as a .jpg and set it to export saves as .jpg but it saves as .png it still saves as .png which makes the .capx file about 8mb. The difference in size between the two folders is 7.42mb vs 0.642mb. This is only 11 images and I planned for a lot more.

    Second bug. I set up my game to hide all but two layers at start and implemented controls that switch between layers depending on which Sprite.AnimationFrame was currently being displayed. Scrolling straight from first to last frame the 1st and last turn out right however the middle frames seem to display sprites from other layer which should be invisible. If you go back and forth between them it gets worse until you go straight from start to end or end to start.

    Ive uploaded a .7z file so that you guys and take a look at the entire project and the image files entailed in the problem. The .capx and .caproj files, along with everything else, are inside.

    Running Google Chrome 20.0 web browser, Win7 Home Premium 64-bit, Intel i3-2310M 2.1gb dual core, Intel Intgrated HD Graphics chip, 6gb Ram, 450gb harddrive.

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  • Ive been told that export as .jpg doesn't work with the .capx file only when you save/export it as the html file. So its technically not a bug, its just not a feature.

    Also, I discovered that the second bug was an eventsheet mistake on my part, so its not a bug. Sorry about that.

  • Closing as not a bug. As you say it is by design that Construct 2 only compresses images on export. Otherwise editing images would cause progressive degradation of the image quality.

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