Turning device from landscape to portrait and back issue

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  • Problem Description

    Turning device from landscape to portrait then back to landscape causes about a 20 pixel space below the canvas which seems to be pushing the canvas up causing about 20 pixel cropping of the top of the canvas. Cannot scroll to bring canvas back into full view.

    Attach a Capx

    ____ Upload a Capx to this post ____

    Description of Capx

    The capx simply displays a yellow sprite that covers the layout area. There is some text at the top and bottom to demonstrate cropping and space below canvas on ios devices.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

      [1]make sure browser is closed. open browser and launch capx on ios device (tested on safari) in landscape. [2]Turn device to portrait and back to landscape.

    Observed Result

    Space below canvas causing canvas to go same pixels higher causing cropping

    Expected Result

    Return to landscape maintains fullscreen canvas without space on the bottom pushing canvas higher and cropping its view.

    Affected Browsers

    • Safari

    Operating System and Service Pack

    ios 7.0.4

    ios 7.1

    Construct 2 Version ID

    168 (64bit)

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  • Just wanted to say I also have this same problem. Any solutions?.

  • I can't reproduce any problem, it works fine on both an iPad 2 and iPhone 4S running iOS 7.1 here. We recently fixed a related issue when iOS 7.1 came out, are you sure you're using the latest version? How about r169?

  • I was using the latest stable release r168. Just tested r169... the problem is reversed... in r169 when you turn the device from portrait to landscape... its aligned properly at the top, but the bottom of the canvas is about 10-20 pixels below the screen. So instead of it appearing to push canvas up 10-20 pixels cropping the top off screen... in r169... the size of the canvas appears to be 10-20 pixels taller in height than the screen. Those 10-20 pixels are off screen. This was tested on an ipad mini running 7.1. Reminder... this issue cannot be replicated in emulators.

    Not sure this is related, but just in case... I get this error when opening my file in r169...


    Construct 2 Check failure


    Check failure! This is probably a bug:

    Plugin of non-world type specified 'rotatable'

    Condition: !(plugin_type == era::pt_objecttype && rotatable)

    File: Projects\ObjectType.cpp

    Line: 37

    Function: __cdecl ObjectType::ObjectType(class Project &,class ObjectFolder &,class Plugin *,const class std::basic_string<wchar_t,struct std::char_traits<wchar_t>,class std::allocator<wchar_t> > &,unsigned __int64)

    Build: release 169 (64-bit) checked

    Component: Construct 2 IDE

    (Last Win32 error: 0)

  • I can't reproduce on an iPhone 4S with iOS 7.1. I can actually see it cuts off the bottom slightly on an iPad 2 with iOS 7.1, but it's not a Construct 2 problem, it's just Safari on iOS has a stupid viewport. It's working correctly based on the viewport information iOS gives it, but iOS gives it the wrong viewport size. You can actually scroll your example up a bit and see that the canvas can be positioned to appear slightly underneath the address bar (which is semitransparent), which I guess throws it off. I don't know what we can really do about this, iOS has had a stupid viewport system since iOS 7.0 and they keep tweaking it and breaking it. I think this has to be closed as won't fix, workaround it by not putting anything important very close to the top/bottom, and ask Apple to fix their viewport :-\

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