Transparent layer causes blur! PLEASE HELP!

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  • I have 2 layers:

    bottom -> 1 Sprite & 1 Text

    Top -> 1 Sprite

    Both layers are set to transparent. the background image is in the browser.

    When the game starts, all the graphics starts to blur, and becomes worse as the game runs.

    If I set background's transparent to no. it solves the issue.

    The text changes every tick, it looks like the canvas isn�t cleared before the graphics is updated. It seems like there lots of text over each other.

    I later deleted the top layer, same thing happens.

    I just need to mention, that the image on the bottom layer, if a very high quality 32bit PNG file, with transparent background, the size is only 162kb, changing the image to 8bit didn�t solve the problem.

    This happens on FF, Chrome, IE, Safari.

    Please help!

    Construct 2 Release 84 Build at 12:01:44 on Mar 26 2012

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  • Not a bug, you need to set the project property 'Clear background' to 'Yes' if all your layers are transparent.

  • Tks Ashley!

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