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  • Link to .capx file (required!):

    online test

    <img src="" border="0" />

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. when you tap the objects they should be set to frame 1

    when released set to frame 0

    but it does not always work

    somethimes the stay at frame 1

    tested on samsung galaxy tab 2 in chrome

    used 2 different ways to set objects 0

    tap frequently ...both objects at the same time or tap the objects at random .....

    prepared test capx for it and online test

    construct version r127 beta

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  • I will try to explain the problem in my way.

    On the game, we have two different object to touch in same time. Order of touching those objects does not matter.

    So we may touch first object1 and while holding it touch to object2 or vice versa.

    Point is this; game sometimes can't sense those touches or untouches especially if we tab them quickly for several times. So, game recognize both objects as touched and go to next process but on the next process we get faults because one or both objects are untouched.

    We try different things but closest solutions are those two examples Rudi give.

    We really appreciate any help guys.

    Thank you all.

  • I usually don't touch beta's with 10 foot pole unless there is some critical feature I need. So I won't be looking at your caps :( So I can only offer a suggestion on how to do it.

    give touchobject the var touchid at -1

    onTouch touchobject

    -touchobject.touchid = touch.touchid

    -do object stuff


    on any touch end

    touch.touchid = touchobject.touchid

    • touchobject.touchid = -1
    • do object stuff
    • touchobject.setframe(0)

    That should be what I think your looking for. I can't look at the capx to know for certain.

    Also on a final note. I'm pretty sure "BUGS" are for C2 Engine bugs. What your posting right now sounds like developer logic bugs. Any help shuold be posted in the "How Do I"

    This could be a bug, but it doesn't sound like a C2 engine bug.

  • tried....does not work

  • i tried different ways ,

    but as soon you touch 2 objects

    it hangs

    same in r128

  • I can't reproduce any problem with either method on an iPad running iOS 6. I think this is a problem with Chrome for Android. You should probably report the issue to Google.

  • Ashley

    I tried it on iOS4 iPhone3gs, iOS6 iPhone5, an iPhone 4s which i don't know its os version and it had same problem. I used safari on them plus chrome on 4s.

    I don't know default browser of Samsung Galaxy SIII but same on there too.

    It mostly has problem if we touch multiple times to objects.

  • I tried and couldn't reproduce on an iPad 2 with iOS 6. Did you check that?

  • ok thanks...

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