Touch not working in R103 and R106

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  • I am unable to get Touch to work in the simple example that I have attached to this bug report.

    I am running Windows 8, but the behavior appears to occur on Windows 7 as well, in the case of Windows 7, the version was the current latest release: R103.

    My graphics card passes the test, and the touch does not work in:

    The Windows 8 simulator, using Visual Studio 2012 RTM and Windows 8 Release Candidate (the latest commercial version)

    IE 10

    IE 9

    FireFox version 13.0.1.

  • You forgot to put a link to your example it seems, or did you send it by email ?

    Also as far as I'm concerned, Touch has always been working in win 7 and even back in firefox 13 (current version 16.0.1).

    Be sure to set the "Use mouse input" to yes in your project.

    And be sure to set it again even if it is already.

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  • And I did email it Kyatric. You are absolutely right I missed the "Use Mouse Input" property.

    Thank you very much.

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