Tiles selection in Tilemap object (link fixed)

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  • Problem Description

    Holding down shift key and selecting tiles with Right mouse button from the Tilemap object does not work as advertised.

    Attach a Capx


    Description of Capx

    This is a project with a simple tile map object, containing the letters A, B and C as tiles, with some noise added on empty tiles for better visibility.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Shift+Right click to attempt to select the letters "ABC" (three separate tiles)

    Observed Result

    A large section of tiles is selected corresponding with a rectangle with A in the top left corner of the tile sheet, and the letter C in the lower right corner.

    Expected Result

    Only the letters ABC selected.

    Affected Browsers

    • Construct 2 editor bug

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Win 10 pro v1607

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Construct 2 r233 (64bit)

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  • I saw you first bug report. But i am afraid it works as intended. You ALWAYS draw with tiles selected in the tilebar. And the way it is now, it is pretty straight forward. Not that i see any use in how it works, really. I wonder if anyone used it that way.

    I felt a bit awkward with the answer you got. As a capx would explain/point to any thing in C2's basic interface. A thing that is there for any possible capx.

    I agree that it would be usefull if it was possible to select a region in the tilemap (not in the tilebar) and copy/past that where you want. And even just drag that region arround on the tilemap. But i suppose, that is more a future request then a bug catch. (still possible that i did't find out how to do that)

  • Yeah it's pretty busted. If 99Instances2Go is correct and you can only pick up tile arrangements that exist in the tilemap, then this feature doesn't work how it's supposed to. The idea is you can create any tile arrangement you want in the layout (that is likely not in the tilemap source image), pick it up, and place it elsewhere.

  • Hi there, we're having the same problem.

    As my designer and I noticed while building a map, you can indeed hold shift and right click to copy a tile ( or multiple tiles).

    BUT it doesn't work with tiles that have been rotated / mirrored / flipped. Seems to only work with the original tiles in the Tilemap object.

    It's indeed frustrating to make something that looks good and then have to make that same part over and over again

    off topic: Just read through some forums and was thinking of making a post about this and today this shows up, timing ^^

  • Thanks for the input guys.

    Here's the section from the manual that led me to believe it should be possible to select a chunk of tiles in the tilemap object instead of always selecting tiles from the tilemap bar:

    [quote:2iv02r8a]You can hold shift and right-click a tile to pick that tile to draw with. You can also hold shift and drag the right mouse button over a range of tiles, and the tilemap bar will also select that range of tiles as a patch you can stamp out.

    I hope I'm understanding that right, would be great with a clarification on what to expect from that feature either way

  • Closing as the feature is working as intended. It's designed to select a patch of tiles in the original tilemap, not an arbitrary region of tiles.

    More/different tilemap editing tools would be a feature request, but we would postpone that to Construct 3 at this time.

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