Tilemap Editor Rendering Issue

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  • Problem Description

    The tilemap editor is not rendering correctly on my system. Construct 2 shows no other graphical problems on my computer. The latest graphics drivers are installed.

    Attach a Capx

    Not relevant as the issue occurs with a completely blank project.

    Description of Capx

    Please see above.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Please see above.

    Observed Result

    Even though the tilemap editor is working as it should, all tools work, tiles can be selected and used within the layout view, I am getting no visual feedback as to what tile is currently selected or where I am in the tilemap itself. It is like I`m trying to click on a non interactive image.

    Expected Result

    I`d always assumed that this was just how Construct 2 worked until I saw a YouTube video that clearly shows the currently selected tile\tiles hightlighted in the editor along with other visual hints for the user.

    Affected Browsers

    Not relevant.

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows Vista Ultimate (64-Bit) SP2

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Both the beta (r211) and stable (r206) version show this behaviour.

  • Zeus

    You're report tells us nothing. Just saying it doesn't render correctly could mean anything.

    You should probably at least provide a screengrab from this Youtube video you mention, alongside a screengrab from your system, or how is anyone meant to understand what you are referring to?

  • A completely blank project does not show anything at all in the tilemap bar, so repro steps are warranted. If I just open the Tilemap example, select the Tilemap object, and switch to the Tilemap Bar, it definitely shows the hovered tile (black and white outline) and the selection (blue), so I can't reproduce.

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  • Sorry, it is a hard one to explain. I thought that my observed result description would be enough to explain my problem. I decided not to post a screen shot as it does not really show the problem but if you go to the manual entry here,


    and click on the tilemap image with the mouse then that is exactly what I am seeing in Construct 2.

    If I replicate your steps from above I am not getting the hovered tile with black and white outline or the blue selection that you mention, I can however still choose tiles and draw with them in the layout view.

    At least on other user has reported that the same thing is happening to them in my Construct 2 general thread here,


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