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  • Tested on android, nexus one in appmobi export. After tapping the textbox, the on-screen keyboard appears briefly and hides itself almost instantly making it unable to actually write something. used fullscreen (crop mode) and touch plugin in the application, this may be connected somehow.

  • sounds closer than this bug but it was fixed.

    Really strange.

  • I also thought that it was fixed, that's why I created new topic, more descriptive of the problem. Again, this is mobile specific problem (may be android specific and/or appmobi specific).

  • No problems with this on:

    HTC Desire Z (not using the external keyboard)

    Android 2.3.3

    Default browser and keyboard

  • again, the problem occurs when exported and installed as an application from phonegap build, NOT in the browser. in the browser text box works just fine.

  • I'll try and see it tonight on iphone/ipad.

    But for sure, the previous bug was fixed.

  • great, thanks. also keep in mind that it might have to do with the touch plugin. other plugins that are present in the projects are sprite and tiledbackground, browser, webstorage (in case of a conflict). the fullscreen in browser is set to "crop".

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  • Sorry, I didn't notice you exported with appmobi. I don't use it so can't test.

    I tried with a classic export though and it worked correctly on my iphone.

    Ashley may check this.

  • classic export like a html5 web site works fine as it opens just like preview in a browser, appmobi and phonegap open like a native apps, so it's completely different thing :)

  • I use sentenza for iOS which basically makes basic native apps too. No problem here.

  • I?m having a similar problem. Textbox element wont show up when I export though cocoonjs building native app (.apk) in Android devices.

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