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  • Not sure what's going on here...

    I have two exactly same text objects: "Text_Player" and "Text_Player_on_Object". I made them both global and moved them away outside the screen.

    In events i've add

    +System: On start of layout ->
    ->System: Create object Text_Player_on_Object on layer "HUD" at (0,0)
    ->System: Create object Text_Player on layer "HUD" at (0,0)
    This is what i'm getting
    <img src="http://dl.dropbox.com/u/34375299/textObject.png" border="0" />
    Text_Player_on_Object - white
    Text_Player - green
    Though it's something with text objects horizontal alignment, but it's not.
    r57 win7 64
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  • Got this one sorted. But still a little bug.

    Having an instance of Text_Player object on the layout and then selecting it on the layout or within Projects panel list will show you only properties of that instance from layout. That's why creating new instance of it by events was different. Instance on layout had horizontal alignment set to left, while original object was set to center (same one made by events).

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