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  • Problem Description

    The all text displaying object are hidden at the right position (text and button are partialy hidden by an invisible box that dont exist)

    Attach a Capx


    Description of Capx

    On Layout "Choix" We can see 2 text-input and ok button, but the right text input and ok button are hidden by something that shouldnt exist (no object at this place)

    When we move the box or the buttton in other place they are no more hidden.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Disable all Event sheet
    • Look at all object
    • Reinstall construct without addon plugin/behaviour

    Observed Result

    hidden buttton and part of text input box

    Expected Result

    Nothing hidden

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (YES)
    • FireFox: -Changing html 5 preview browser do nothing
    • Internet Explorer: -Changing html 5 preview browser do nothing

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Window 7

    Construct 2 Version ID

    R163 personal edition

    PS: Sorry for probably bad english

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  • I can't see the problem you refer to. Both text fields and buttons are visible in editor and preview.

  • Ahem ... here is the screenshots of my problem


    as you can see the button at right and a part of the text box disapear

  • ZaccariaWilson

    As I stated previously, I see no issue. It displays perfectly for me in latest firefox (see below).

    Maybe others can test and report their findings.

  • So i tryed it on Explorer and mozilla and everything fine, I reinstalled Chrome and it was fine too. Im really disapointed.

    I got no problem anymore but that was wierd.

    Thank for helping and quick answering you are doing great job with this software .

  • Some usual candidates are browser add-ons, so it's worth keeping an eye on that.

    Regardless, nice to know you've resolved your issues.

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