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  • Problem Description

    ____ If the developper did not add the keyboard object with an active On tab pressed, the user can tabbing out of the game if he presses it once or twice then presses enter ____

    Attach a Capx

    ____!AjkoCSebIn9JizvG1BcCFKhT76Tj ____

    Description of Capx

    ____ It is a blank project with an inactive "On tab pressed event" ____

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Launch the game without changing the capx
    • press tab inside the game (notice the url on the bottom of your webbrowser)
    • press enter, now you've successfully exited the game.
    • now go enable that condition and redo the same test, it doesn't occur anymore

    Observed Result

    ____ We end up on ____

    Expected Result

    ____ Nothing ____

    Affected Browsers

    • Opera : Yes
    • Chrome: Yes
    • FireFox: Yes
    • Edge: Yes

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 10

    Construct 2 Version ID


    It is more a reference bug report than an actual bug report, as it is fixed with one condition which is easy to guess with the manual on the keyboard object, still would be nice if we didn't have to do this IMHO.

  • This is an issue with the browsers/NWJS interacting with Windows hotkeys, not C2.

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  • Yeah, browsers let you tab in to canvas fallback content (for some reason), and then pressing enter selects a link.

    I vaguely remember reporting this some time ago, but IIRC they wouldn't fix it since it's an accessibility feature or something. You could just delete the fallback content (stuff inside the <canvas> tag) after exporting if it bothers you...

  • To be fair I didn't expect it to be fixed, but wanted to have a trace of it somewhere (and the workaround that will let you have the fallback of the canvas without this issue) as it affects pretty much all non NW.Js C2 games.

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