Sync Object not creating objects for the peers

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  • Problem Description

    First of all: sorry for my bad english.

    Multiplayer game example exported with Nodewebkit and running on Windows 7 Ultimate 64bits

    When peers join the game they can see every peer that joined BEFORE them but can't see any peers that join AFTER.

    Also, I don't know if this is relevant but, the chat of all examples included on the latest version of Construct 2 is not working. The host is not broadcasting the messages to the peers.

    All peers involved in these tests were on a residential connection with no internet restrictions (Like parental control, etc).

    Attach a Capx

    Construct 2 r173 multiplayergame.capx with no changes.

    Description of Capx

    Example of a multiplayer game with lag compensation (made by Scirra).

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    - Host joined. [OK]

    [Host screen] The host can see his own object. [OK]

    - Peer_A joined [OK]

    [Host screen] Host can see both objects correctly [OK]

    [Peer_A screen] Peer_A can see both objects correctly [OK]

    - Peer_B joined [OK]

    [Host screen] Host can see all objects correctly [OK]

    [Peer_A screen] Peer_A can't see Peer_B. [PROBLEM]

    [Peer_B screen] Peer_B can see all objects. [OK]

    - Peer_A leave the game [OK]

    [Peer_B screen] The object representing the Peer_A is destroyed [OK]

    - Peer_A joins again. [OK]

    [Peer_A screen] Now Peer_A can see the host and Peer_B. [OK]

    [Peer_B screen] Peer_B can't see Peer_A.

    Observed Result

    What is happening in my point of view is:

    The Multiplayer object creates all objects correctly for the peer who joined but does not create new objects for peers during gameplay when other peers joins.

    Expected Result

    Every player should see each other, don't matter the order they joined.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (Nodewebkit app) (YES)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7 64bits Ultimate

    Construct 2 Version ID

    r173 (Latest atm)

  • The Node-Webkit version currently used in C2 (9.2) isn't working with WebRTC, since it uses Chromium 32 which has missing full WebRTC support.

    (I suppose it has something to do with the DataChannel, correct me if im wrong.)

    But Roger Wang and GnorTech is currently working on a Version 10 branch, with an updated chromium, to be exact, Chromium 35,

    which as i suppose supports WebRTC, i'll find it out soon when i tested it

    So my tip would be, update your node-webkit version in C2 to the pre-release V10 branch with Chromium 35 to test WebRTC.

    Since it is a pre-release branch you should be aware there could be bugs in node-webkit itself and so it may not be C2's fault.

    As a reference, in the live-Build system used to build every commit made to the NW github page (8,9 and 10 Branch. All 3 platforms), you can download a finally successfully builded WIn64 NW10 version:

    I hope i could help

    • Conti
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  • [quote:1xdb7pw5]update your node-webkit version in C2

    Please could you explain this process in details for dummies.

    Thank you.

  • 1. You download an Updated version of Node-Webkit. (Win32)

    2. You extract the files from the ZIP.

    3. Then you copy the 6 files (You don't need Credits.html) into this location: %WhereC2IsInstalled%/Construct2/exporters/html5/node-webkit/win32/

    Could be that i got the Construct 2 installation folder name wrong, since i have the Steam version it's a bit different (Not from /exporters)

    4. You may notice there is 1 file that did not get overwritten, that is icudtl.dll

    Since Node-Webkit has a change in it's file structure and the file now is named icudtl instead of icudtl.dll

    you have to copy the file icudtl from the downloaded Node-Webkit folder, to your export location.

    You have to do this since i believe C2 does not copy this file too to the export location, since as i suppose it is hardcoded which files it copies.

    5. Now you can export your project, copy the icudtl file and then enjoy NW10 (Currently RC1), together with Chromium 35.

    //Note: There are some weird Text issues, where the text get's invisible/unreadable when changed, maybe Ashley could take a look at it ahead of time?

    //And yes im confident that this needs to be fixed within C2 itself, since i already met these issues in Chrome itself (34+)

    //But of course, as always, i could be wrong

    I hope this helps and is described clearly

    • Conti
  • Thank you much it helped, now node application connects to server!

    But when i tried to build crosswalk android app, i faced the same problem - no sync, or now connection.

  • Node-webkit and Crosswalk are always a few versions behind Chrome, and WebRTC is a new feature, so it may take a few updates for both before it's working smoothly all round. Closing as not a bug.

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