/n in a string in an array leads to JS assertions

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  • C2 r63; Windows XP SP3; FireFox 7.0.1; ATI Radeon HD 4870

    Dual-core E5200 2.5 GhZ; 3,5 Go RAM

    I launched a preview of my current project.

    During the time firefox was launching (it takes a few second before appearing if it wasn't running at first) I clicked the save icon in the top bar of C2.

    C2 simply exited without any messages, and when firefox finally started, it got stuck on a blank tab with the preview url in it.

    I reopened C2, my changes had not been saved.

    I processed to reput the events and new images I previously added, saving regulary (still with the save icon).

    Then comes the time for a preview.

    I go back to my menu layout, to launch the game from the start, and firefox raises a json assertion :/

    Assertion failure: No project JSON model available

    Stack trace:

    assert2((void 0),"No project JSON model available")@http://localhost:50000/preview_prelude.js:12


    ([object HTMLCanvasElement])@http://localhost:50000/preview.js:90


    ((function (a, b) {return new e.fn.init(a, b, h);}))@http://localhost:50000/preview.html:98

    ([object HTMLDocument],[object Array])@http://localhost:50000/jquery-1.6.3.min.js:2


    ([object Event])@http://localhost:50000/jquery-1.6.3.min.js:2

    Exiting C2 and launching it changed nothing. :(

    Now I have two bugging projects.

    The one I was working one at first, and saved during the launching of FF.

    And the project I saved after having redone the events.

    Both display the same assertions on preview.

    I'll try and mess in the project file to see if I can recuperate the project, and figure where it can mess.

    That's my entry for the C2 comp.

    I have previous backups, so I can still redo what I've done. But honestly it bugs me ^^

    After further investigation, it appears it was one of my strings in LanguageSheet that caused the problem. (arrLang.at(4,1))

    I wrote my "dialogues" in the notepad first, and did copy/paste it into C2.

    In the notepad I had a /n ("chariot return" ?) between "S. Pace - Que se passe-t-il ? Pourquoi suis-je dans ma tenue ?" and "O� sont les autres ?". It got copied in C2 and caused a mess.

    I just suppressed it afterwards, and the assertion disappeared.

    Hope the rest of the project will be ok.

    As I want to keep this project secret a bit longer, I'll PM ashley only with the project for double check.


    As for the saving bug at first, I then have no clue about that. Maybe a combination of bad timing saving project/loading preview.

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  • Thanks for the report. If you paste in a carriage-return line-feed line break (\r\n, presumably how notepad does its line breaks) then C2 turns the line-feed in to a \n in the javascript source, but left the carriage-return character which made the browser reject the javascript. Should be fixed in next build.

    Not sure what to do about the crash on save - can you reproduce it at all?

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