Startup Crash (r95 and r99)

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  • Hello, decided to pick up and work a bit in Construct 2 after having not touched it at all during this summerbreak. But when i start it up and either load an old project or start a new one, it loads all the maps and events and such, but before anything shows on screen, the whole application crashes with this error message:


    Problemh?ndelsens namn:     APPCRASH

    Programnamn:     Construct2.exe


    Programtidsst?mpel:     4fdb1d89

    Namn p? felmodul:     atio6axx.dll

    Modulens version:

    Tidsst?mpel f?r felmodul:     4fd6390a

    Undantagskod:     c0000005

    Undantagsf?rskjutning:     000000000002c74e

    OS-version:     6.1.7601.

    Spr?kvariant-ID:     1053

    Ytterligare information 1:     51e2

    Ytterligare information 2:     51e2ab88c235eb450b08f0deff3aa150

    Ytterligare information 3:     8bd5

    Ytterligare information 4:     8bd5fd1e59830567ca144fe7b866ba75

    I have tried installing the stable version and the unstable beta one. I have also tried updating my graphics driver, any clue what is causing the crash?

    EDIT: I just noticed the entire text for the error is in Swedish, i'm sorry for that, my computer is in swedish, shall i translate it or can you figure out what it says?


  • Apparently the trouble comes from the dll "atio6axx.dll" which is related to ATI drivers.

    So either there was a trouble on one of your graphic card update, either the drivers themselves are sh*tty ones.

    Try uninstalling all drivers for your video card and reinstall the latest.

    Also have you recently (or during "summerbreak") installed any application or game using openGL and that could be causing incompatibilities ? If so, try uninstalling said application/game.

  • So it does have with my ATI Drivers to do. I knew it had to be something like that. Well before this, the same day i looked up new drivers for my card on the AMD website, i installed them and there were no logs about any part of the update failing.

    Also i have been on the computer, gaming almost constantly throughout all of summer, so i have no clue if i installed anything like that or not, i installed alot of things.

  • As Kyatric says atio6axx.dll is the ATI display driver. So this crash is ATI's fault, not ours, and there's nothing we can do about it. You need to contact AMD (who bought ATI) to resolve the problem. You should double check you have the latest graphics card driver. For more background read this blog post: Driver problems? Complain to your graphics card vendor

    Some users have had crashes from having too many tabs open - deleting your .uistate.xml files and reopening the project might help.

  • I know i have the latest driver and i tried to delete the .uistate, it let me get into the project, but as soon as i press a layout to load it, construct crashes. I guess i will have to complain to ATI.

  • Hi, I'm a new user of constructor 2 and I experienced the same issue (quite):

    Windows 7 x64 with 2 AMD Radeon 6850 (Crossfire), and AMD driver 12.8. Constructor release 95.

    Every time I try to launch a project (.capx) or even when I try to create a new one, Contruct 2 crashes before anything shows on screen.

    Like some other graphic applications, I have to create an "Application Profile" dedicated to this app in the AMD Catalyst Control Center (3D application parameters).

    I have to select few options:

    • deactivate crossfire
    • don't force vertical sync
    • "Use application parameters" for each option when available.
    • Deactivate morphological filtering

    "Save" button, and select "Construct2.exe", your profile is created.

    Deactivate crossfire is the most important, but you don't seem to have 2 GPU, I wish it will work anyway with the others options <img src="smileys/smiley6.gif" border="0" align="middle" />


  • Mohorelien - see my earlier post in this thread - the crash is AMD/ATI's fault, not ours... best talk to them about it I'm afraid. The blog post I linked to gives background.

  • Mohorelien is right. It seems the problem here is the Vertical Sync. I managed to get Construct 2 working again by turning it off with a tool i downloaded back when my Planescape: Torment was messing up. I will name the tool, but i warn the people that use it tho, it has some weird scrolling bug where it flashes part of the screen when you scroll sometimes, and AVG picked it up as a virus, which i haven't double-checked if it is, yet. So use it on your own risk, the tool i used to turn off Vertical Sync is called ATI Tray Tools.

  • Ashley: Sorry about that! I wasn't meaning that it was Construct 2 fault. Absolutely not, omgitburns's error (atio6axx.dll) is a good proof of AMD's guilty. Some of my programs are showing the same issues (especially games and Visual Studio during XNA apps compilation). I'm now working with the 100th Construct 2 release, so cool!

    omgitburns: But, it's possible to disable vertical sync for all applications without a third party tool with only Catalyst menu. (And only for an application with profiles). No ?

  • For the record, I would strongly recommend you don't install AMD or nVidia's 'control panel' software (Catalyst Control Center for AMD, can't remember what the nVidia equivalent is), or if you do, leave them at their default settings. We had trouble with them in Construct Classic as well - they just seem to be a nice way to break applications. They're intended for games, but they can break anything using hardware acceleration, which both Construct Classic, Construct 2, and all modern browsers also use.

    Usually if you do a custom install you have an option to install just the driver, and nothing else. You only need the driver, so try do that if you can.

  • Hey guys, just popping back in to confirm that this is still an issue with the current stable release. Disabling V-sync in Catalyst resolves it, but every time I update Construct, it starts happening again.

    This is probably because updating Construct uninstalls the previous version, which deletes any custom application settings in Catalyst. So, each time a new version of Construct is released, I have to remember to disable v-sync again.

    Yes, I realize that the problem is probably on AMD's end, but somehow I doubt they'll fix it any time soon.

  • plauk - we really can't do anything to fix it. It's AMD's fault, they've created a program which breaks Construct 2. You need to ask them to fix it instead of us!

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  • Updating my ATI drivers ended up breaking my hard drive.

  • Some how construct has a problem with vsync.

    Here is the fix:

    Right click Catalyst icon -> Select the configurations for the video output you are using, mine is 1. -> 3D Settings -> Wait for vertical refresh -> Off, unless application specifies.

    It may be a problem on ATI's end... But I think it can be solved by the Construct team... just saying.

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