My sprites are not being created or something

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  • I am making a tank game where you can select different projectiles to shot.

    All my projectiles were working fine, but after some time, some of them are not being spawned anymore.

    I decided to put all the projectiles sprites on layout and play the preview, and the bugged projectiles are not being created on beggining of layout...

    I have no idea what's going on. I'm pretty sure I didnt any modification in that part of game.

    Please, send me some mindlight because I cant even describe my problem properly.


  • Could be many things, but the likely thing is you have a destroy action to get rid of all projectiles so you never see them on start of layout. Are you able to share capx? Probably easy to resolve with the file.

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  • I've solutioned it. Well, manually. I deleted the bugged sprites and made new ones, then replaced them on the sheet.

    Could you explain better what could have happened?

    Thanx for response.

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