Sprites Disappearing / Reappearing in Editor Window

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  • Problem Description

    Graphics disappear on certain layers at times. Impossible to work with. I initially noticed this in my own project and came to the forums looking for possible reports. I found this capX listed by another user describing the same issue i was seeing and when i opened the file, sure enough it does it for me as well.

    This was not happening previously, it seems to have just started happening the other day, though a lot of my work lately has been with the actions/events and not the objects on the layout so it may very well have existed for some time just without me noticing since i wasnt manipulating objects for some time.

    Some additional details:

    1) It doesnt always *immediately* disappear sometimes i can drag around a bit before it actually disappears. I still appear to be dragging the object as I can see the outline, but the contents are invisible.

    2) Closing and reopening the project does not restore the sprite. the sprite is missing /invisible when i restore the project.

    3) Closing and reopening C2 will restore the sprite and I can see it again.

    4) The point of the sprite disappearing seems unrelated to anything specific. Sometimes it disappears when overlapping other sprites, but sometimes it disappears when overlapping nothing at all

    5) The bug seems specifically related to having SpriteFont objects on the layout. When i removed all instances of the sprite font object, it no longer occurred. I also have sprite font objects in my main project.

    6) In my main project, it seems if I zoom out/zoom in i can find a 'sweet spot' where the disappeared objects reappear again. I can send that project for your review, but it's large... 125mb, though i think a good amount of that is audio so I can strip that out if it helps you.

    Attach a Capx

    Attached WHY.capx

    Description of Capx

    Simple project, with a simple picture and a sprite font.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Open project

    Drag red sprite in editor window

    Observed Result

    Sprite disappears, bounding box remains.

    Expected Result

    Sprite should not disappear

    Affected Browsers


    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 7 pro 64bit

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • Confirmed.

    Interestingly, if you add another layer and move the 'gameover' sprite to the new layer, it reappears and will no longer disappear, at least for me.

  • Just to confirm: I am also having this same issue within my project, using the same repro steps. I am on Version 178, and there are multiple sprite fonts in my project.

    Within the same project, further to this, the bounding boxes are also disappearing at certain times, and re-appearing at others.

  • Can you reproduce, Ashley?

  • the bug, i mean. not in general.

  • the bug, i mean. not in general.

    I had to stop by and clap because that was golden, hahaha, .

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  • I can't reproduce, I dragged the red sprite for a while and tried zooming in and out and it seems to work fine. It sounds like it might be a driver bug, are your graphics drivers fully up to date?

  • yup im 100% up to date. What platform(s) are you other guys/girls on?

    Im running in Parallels / Windows 7 / Mac OS 10.9..

  • also want to note that this was not always a thing. same system was used on the same project for months and months, it wasnt until recently that it's been an issue... Checking 181 now to see if its still a thing..

  • yup still a thing. brutal thing is i can even just click around on the layout -- clicking on 'nothing' ie empty space and the red square disappears all of a sudden - so literally nothing changing at all.. can close the file and it wont even ask to save...

  • doesnt seem to happen if i create a new project from scratch and add a square and sprite font objects... is there some difference you can see from a file that is created from scratch with the same objects as the WHY one above?

  • Parallels is uniquely susceptible to driver bugs. I don't think it uses the actual hardware graphics driver since it's a VM, I think they provide their own driver which has some issues. You might want to raise it with Parallels.

  • I know this is a closed report, but this happens to me on Windows occasionally. I think individual layers get bugged after a long while sorta randomly. If you haven't found one, I have a workaround for it. Just make a new layer, highlight everything on the layer that's disappearing, and use the properties window on the side to switch them all to the new layer. Delete your old layer, rename the new one back to the original name and things should work. I've had this come up on a couple layouts, but this workaround seems to fix it.

    Most often, though, it's a single object causing it. When things are disappearing, zoom in and scroll around. You'll probably find a place where things disappear, but reappear when that part isn't on-screen. If you delete everything in that region, it usually fixes it, but you can also narrow it down to what is causing it and replace/remove that single object and things usually get fixed.

    To show this, I had a place in my game where this was happening. I took a quick, compressed video to show it. I scroll around the layout showing things work unless a certain portion is on-screen. Turns out, it didn't like a 9-patch object I was using (though I've used it elsewhere just fine. No idea). Once I narrowed that down and deleted that object, everything displays properly again.

    http://www.adamcreations.com/show/2014- ... 855-41.flv

    I just added the objects back in a minute later and things were fine.

  • I am having this issue with the latest build, the only way I can temporarily fix it is by doing a select all and pasting into a new layout...very annoying and have no clue what is creating it. Drivers are all up to date.

  • I am having this issue with the latest build, the only way I can temporarily fix it is by doing a select all and pasting into a new layout...very annoying and have no clue what is creating it. Drivers are all up to date.


    As it says in the sticky, please don't post in the 'Closed Bug' section, especially a closed report from over 3 years ago.

    If you think you really do have a bug, please post a full new bug report ensuring you follow all of the Bug Report Guidelines.

    Thank you.

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