Sprites in construct 2 editor get quashed if resolution of that sprite exceeds 1024

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  • - Problem Description -

    Hey Ashley,It appears that if you are using older graphics hardware such as the Intel Graphics 3000,all images in construct 2's editor get's quashed if the resolution of the image is greater than 1024.

    I've tried it in construct 3 and it does not happen there. Your help is greatly appreciated.

    - Attach a Capx -

    drive.google.com/open ( CAPX attached)

    - Steps to Reproduce Bug -

    Step 1 - Create a New Project and simply insert an image that's beyond the resolution of 1024 .eg 1280x720 image

    Step 2 - Observe the editor quash the image

    - Observed Result -

    Image gets quashed. However on preivew it renders fine.

    - Expected Result -

    Image rendering normal in the editor

    - Affected Browsers -

    Chrome: (NO)

    FireFox: (NO)

    Internet Explorer: (NO)

    - Operating System and Service Pack -

    Windows 10 version 1903 (18362.267)

    - Construct 2 Version ID -

    r269 64bit

    Graphics Card : Intel Graphics 3000

    Processor : Intel i3 - 2370M

    RAM : 8gb

    HDD : SSD Kingston 240

    eg. of an image being quashed on insert

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  • I can't reproduce here, and according to the specs of the Intel HD Graphics 3000 chip, the device supports textures up to 8192px, which is large enough to fit the image. I would guess this is a driver bug, try updating the graphics driver. Closing.

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