Spritefont Cloning loses size

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):


    Steps to reproduce:

    1. select a Spritefont and right click for menu

    2. select Clone

    3. Place the clone and notice it resized to fit the text.

    Observed result:

    Sprite font auto-resizes to fit the current text on clone.

    Expected result:

    It should keep the set size, so I can change the text and keep the centering and fit to buttons.

    Browsers affected:

    in editor

    Operating system & service pack:


    Construct 2 version:


    Something else odd, maybe it's just my machine. I tried to "insert a new object" "9-patch" so you could see an outline like you are filling buttons, and it crashes whenever I try. (in this example)

    edit: made link clickable &

    I rebooted and it still crashes, but it seems to be anything with that example, it must be something I removed. It was a partial app I deleted down to just the font.

    Appears to me my "Show Grid" is related to the crash. I turn it off, and doing anything no longer crashes. However it may just be my install, as turning on the grid, now crashes any project I have loaded on clicking the checkbox. (hmm, reinstall didn't change anything.)

  • yes, spritefont textbox bug is old.

    forgot to report it =P

  • Caution, apparently my snap to grid crash has infected this example. (as pointed out by others in the forums where I used this example.)

    Turn off 'Snap to grid' and 'Show grid,' or scrolling will crash construct.

    (in mine, attempting to turn Show Grid back on will crash it too.)

  • infecting others?


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  • I think I had it happen to another project, but it is possible it was this one. (this was part of a quickly written example on non-game apps, so memory is vague on it.)

    New projects don't start with the grid bug, so it's something in the saved file. You are safe, the "Caution" was so that it doesn't crash while trying to evaluate.

  • Ashley - Hi, sorry to bother you, but can this be fixed, please? I'm needing to make a lot of separate sprite fonts, and this is taking a lot longer than it needs to :(

  • Fixed for the next build.

  • AnD4D (I got the notice it was fixed)

  • Ahh, brilliant!

    Thanks Ashley & Much appreciated :)

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