Sprite Images getting distorted/Corrupted on Windows Phone

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  • [attachment=0:39ia3pqb][/attachment:39ia3pqb]

    Problem Description

    I am making a side scrolling game, where I am spawning Platforms above the Game layout. They gradually move downwards or to the left side. The game works perfectly on Windows 8.1 and the Construct 2 "Run Layout" in browser.

    But when I port the same game to Windows Phone, the images are getting distorted/corrupted! This is not happening with all images.

    I am using 256x160 sized tiles for Platforms and repeating 512x512 sprites for background/borders. Its the border images that causing the problem.

    Attach a Capx

    I would love to upload. But my company policies restrict me from doing so.

    It has got many Artworks /sprites that we cant share yet.

    However, here is a screenshot of the issue.


    Description of Capx

    1. Spawn Platforms and background at regular interval.

    2. These will scroll to the left and then get destroyed

    3. I have a Player Sprite that performs standard platform moves (up down, left right)

    4. Have coins/items appearing at random platforms which the player can collect

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

      Only on Windows Phone. Appears immediately the game is started. Game works well on Computer browser and as a Windows 8.1 app.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (NO)
    • FireFox: (NO)
    • Internet Explorer: (NO)

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Windows 8.1 Enterprise Edition x64 bit

    Visual Studio 2013 Pro

    Construct 2 Version ID

    Construct 2 Beta release r177

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  • I found a fix .. I reduced the height of the tall sprites to about 330.. ie 512x330. Now the images seem to be appearing clearly.

    Anyone has any idea if Windows Phone app has an image size limitation that could affect the performance?

    Also earlier I had about three 512x512 background images under a sprite sheet and few smaller sized images in the same animation frame. When exported from Construct 2 to VS2013... the animation strip was grouped into a huge 2048 x 2048 sprite image!!!

    Could this be the reason for the distorted images?

    After reducing the height of the tall sprites, I see there is a 1024 x 1024 dimension file. And distorted image is gone!

  • I've not seen this in any of my tests on Windows Phone. The type of corruption your screenshots show strongly indicate a graphics driver problem. It is not normally possible for our own code to result in that level of glitching.

    Are you sure the phone is fully up to date? Microsoft have released several updates recently.

    We cannot investigate this further without a .capx. If you not are allowed to share yours, please make a new one from scratch which you can share and demonstrates the problem. We prefer this anyway, as our bug report guidelines outline we do not normally accept full projects in bug reports.

  • Hi Ashley! Thank you so much for responding. Yes I have the latest Windows Phone 8.1 updates install on my Lumia 720.

    The issue is indeed with the large 2048 x 2048 sprite sheet generated after exporting to VS2013. Once I cropped the Blank borders and recompiled o my Phone.. I didnt see the Distortion again!

    Here is the image illustration of the size (May be you can try out while I create a sample .CAPX) :


    BTW... when I said company I meant my brother

    He is working hard on creating some awesome Graphics for my game. I believe will be one of the beautiful games made on Construct 2! I am so much in love with C2. Sadly I only have the Free Edition and don't know if I should buy the Personal Edition. If you promise me my game will do well I will consider buying it. .

    But its a huge investment for me!! Here is a screenshot of my game. Yes I am sharing it finally.. not the Capx yet!

    What do you think of the screenshot? It's a night setup, that's why its all dark.


  • SamRock - could you visit webglreport.com on the affected device and report what it says for "Max texture size" on the right? I have a Lumia 520 which reports 4096x4096, and I suspect the Lumia 720 will be similar, but worth checking it's within the device capability. If it is, I'm sure it is a driver issue with the device and you should report it to Microsoft.

  • Ashley, I visited the website and yes, mine phone is supposed to support 4096x4096 too!

    I will try reporting to MS soon... right now, I am drowned in Construct 2 ... its awesome.. Thank you so much for giving us this great tool!

  • Ashley, only for info. It's also happened to me the same thing. I have cropped from 2048x2048 to 2043x1344 and magically fix problem on my Lumia 1320.



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