Sprite Gets a white outline when switching animation

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  • Sprite Gets a white outline when switching animation

    I'm not sure this is bug. I've seen this happen before and posts about it but can't find the solutions posted.

    When the animation changes the sprite gets a white outline around it in the second animation.

    In this capx, I set it to switch animation on a mouse click. When the "Die" animation is triggered, the alien sprite gets a white outline. Originally, I did NOT crop the individual frames. The I cropped the frames and still have the issue. The images are the original size (not being re-sized by C2).

    Just left mouse click on the screen to trigger the animation change. When animation switches to die, alien gets a white outline.

    Affected Browsers

    • Chrome: (YES)
    • FireFox: (YES)
    • Internet Explorer: (YES)

    IPhone Safari

    Android default and chrome browser

    windows 8.1

    Construct 2 Version ID

    184 64-bit

  • It's in your source. Edit the sprite and switch the background colour to the dark option. The outline is in the image already. This must have come from the source. I don't see how C2 could have "added" the outline.

  • It's not in the source. It's being caused by C2 somehow. The animation frames are already transparent backgrounds. If I create an animation with the die files separately, it works fine. It only happens when the animation changes from "default" to "die" animation.

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  • Can you provide an example of that then? I can see the white outline in frames 1 to 4 in the editor. They are not caused by the transition from default to die.

  • The .capx you have provided is working correctly; the sprite artwork does indeed have a white outline as if it were rendered with alpha on to a white background, then only the exactly white sections removed around it. That's a possible mistake that's sometimes easy to make with certain tools if viewing on a light background.

    Closing as no evidence of a C2 bug here. If you think at some point C2 is adding these white outlines itself during the import process, please file a new bug demonstrating the steps to reproduce, going from external images with a correct alpha channel to the images in C2 with a white outline. I suspect however this happened before importing to C2.

  • The sprite artwork does NOT have a white outline. I'm trying reproduce the exact circumstances that created the this effect. It seems to have occurred from changes to the collision boundaries and/or cropping.

    Stand by...

    Note: this guy is getting the same problem as me...


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