Spawning objects bug.

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  • Ah; it seems that all the new updates have come with quite a few bugs.

    So in my game, when a bullet is called to be spawned from a tank, it's is set to spawn at imagepoint 1.

    It only does this 50% of the time. The other half it spawned from the tanks center (the object's position.)

    So here's the game:

    Please note I'm talking about the green tanks, not the blue ones. The blue ones are supposed to have bullets spawn from the center.

    Thanks for the help, cheers.

  • As mentioned in how to report bugs please provide a minimal capx (not a 12 mo capx).

    Also r110 did have some issues that were fixed in r110.2, make sure this is the version you're working with.

    Most likely, there is issue in your code (not really a C2 bug) due to changes in the version.

    Make sure to read the changelog to see where it could be coming from.

  • ...I'm really sure I have the code right. It does work...just only half the time.

    As I mentioned, sorry about the 12MB; I'll try to make it a little smaller. I'll upload it soon as I get the chance.

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  • You've only added image point 1 to the first frame of the animation so it only works if the tank's animation is on frame 0 when you spawn the bullet. On frames 1 and 2 it's going to spawn at the origin which is the only image point on those frames. You can right-click image point 1 on the first frame and select 'apply to whole animation'.

  • We've already fixed a pretty significant bug with containers for the next build - containers created at runtime aren't linked up properly in 110.2. So it might be already fixed in the next build anyway.

  • ramones Thanks again, man!

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