Sounds work on headphones but not speakers

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  • I don't think this is a bug with C2 itself but who knows.

    A while back a new C2 build was released and since then sounds do not play on my speakers. They play on my headphones though.

    I shrugged it off thinking it was something with my audio settings but I've checked everything I could think of and sounds still don't play through my speakers. Music works just fine on speakers & headphones though..

    Any idea why?

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  • This must be an issue with your computer, most apps aren't aware of what audio output device you use and output the same to headphones and speakers. So I'd check your setup again.

  • Sorry to bump but I found out this only happens when running the game through Chrome. I've checked all my audio settings and I don't believe they're the problem; I never changed anything that would cause this problem in the first place.. Sounds worked, and now they don't. I even re-installed Chrome but it didn't help :\ No one else is having this issue?

  • Are you sure you didn't mute the Chrome application in Windows' mixer? I've done that before and gotten myself confused...

  • I had similar situation just some days ago. I had forgot to plug my headset on and the sound came out from my laptop speakers, but only some sounds came through.... I got scared that I had changed something in my game, but ignored the whole thing after I tested it with my headset again.

    This could be due to my lousy broken laptop. I will try to reproduse this.

  • Yeah it actually turned out to be a problem on my end ^^; I reset all of the audio settings and everything was fixed.

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