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  • Guys hi !

    I?m deploy my game in html 5 format. In preview in my local station, sounds plays without any problem. When I upload to my website, all sounds didn?t play ! I upload the .oggs, .m4s and the .wavs to media directory and nothing...

    I tested in the browsers bellow :

    Chrome 13.0.782.220 m in Windows 7

    Firefox 6.02 in Windows 7

    Safari 5.1

    My C2 is the last version

    Any tip ? help ? Or is it a bug ?



  • Can you post the link to the game online so we can check ourselves and maybe investigate what's wrong?

  • Sure !!!

    Please the address is

    Thanks for your support !

  • Is this the URL of one of your sound effects?

    It returns 404 not found. Double-check you uploaded it! If you definitely did, maybe your server is not set up to serve audio files. To fix it you need to add MIME types to the server. Make sure it is set to serve:

    .ogg with MIME type audio/ogg

    .m4a with MIME type audio/mp4

    We had to set those on the server otherwise it returned 404 for audio files as well.

  • Ashley,

    Thanks for your answer and help ! In Firefox 6.02, works marvelous ! But in Chrome, the sounds delayed a lot, and mute ! Safari is ok too !!

    Is any notice about a possible bug in Chrome ?



  • A quick reply !!!

    I clean all infos in my Chrome and now works !!! Thanks again!

  • Browsers have pretty bad audio support at the moment - it's probably that. Hopefully it will be fixed in the next few releases. You could also try using the 'preload' action of the audio object to start loading some sounds in the menu - it should reduce the delay.

  • Ashley, thanks again for the support.


    Antonio Marcelo

  • I have a related issue. I downloaded the latest version of Construct 2, and the audio object is not included?!

    Not on any speicla capx - all of them. It's gone!

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  • R55 has a audio plugin in. (in the folder exporters\html5\plugins\audio)

    Check if you have this folder in your installation and if it contains files.

    Maybe your dld was corrupted and the audio plugin was lost in the process.

    If files seems ok and are present you should describe a bit more precisely what you mean by "It's gone".

    Are you getting error message when loading the capx ?

    What version the capx were saved in ?

    Be more specific than just "it's gone".

  • hi

    I'm thinking about buying scirra creation tools

    but i can't seem to get audio working online.

    works fine offline as exported html5.

    at first I tought it was my project but when i

    uploaded the "this is how audio works" on my server

    it still gave me no sound.

    what am i doing wrong ?

    or do i need a bought licence to be able to export audio?

    thanks a lot for your help

    edit (i can't seem to post a new topic ?)

  • HannesRoets: Generally issues with online sounds may come from badly uploaded files or from a wrong mime type configuration.

    The manual entry about sounds and music explains that.

    Also you can check for errors in your browser which generally gives the clues about what's going on.

    Trying your link gave me a

    NetworkError: 404 Not Found - that the expected file can't be downloaded, is not in the "constructgame/media/" folder.

    As for the last issue, send a mail to, though it is strange you can make a post in a closed bug, but are not able to create a new topic. Didn't you just missed the button and the correct forum ?

  • thanks

    weird i didn't get any errors in firefox using ctrl shift j

    i added a .htaccess file but that din't help

    however in my controlpanel of my host i could add custom mime types

    workes like a charm !

    i'll contact support about the posting, i get a .net error :)

  • removed: see next post


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  • (sorry for double posting... its because of that forum bug with the 500 reputation cap for posting links that prevents edits!)


    I'm also having some sound issues...

    On my local desktop it all works great - but on the android tablet no sounds are ever played - be it exported or LAN preview.

    I'm using the music folder for larger sounds (like ambient background sounds) and using the sounds folder for the smaller ones - i did try to preload some but nothing happens!

    I tried CocoonJS and Dolphin browser as well as the default android browser. I'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2.

    What should i do now? <img src="smileys/smiley11.gif" border="0" align="middle">



    In despair i found two different topics that led me to understand what was wrong.

    play Audio in different browsers by Joe7

    You should just import WAV files and Construct 2 will encode them to both OGG and M4A saving you the hassle of doing it yourself (M4A is only done on Windows 7+ though).

    Construct 2 considers Ogg Vorbis files to be your project's audio files, and the M4As are a backup to the Vorbis file for browsers which don't support Ogg Vorbis. So you need the Ogg file first to be able to select it for the Play sound action.

    Audio - No-Sound question

    by appmobiTyler on Fri Jul 06, 2012 8:47 am

    Hey Geekgirl,

    I did a little research and it appears that .ogg files aren't supported on your Samsung Galaxy android device. So it could be that everything is working but your test device is unable to play that audio extension. Try replacing your .ogg files with .mp3 files and see if that works for you.

    So i'm using a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 (probably is currently the most common tab on the market?)...

    -First i want to clear out another issue here: i used http:// and THE m4a OUTPUT FILE WAS CORRUPTED. Be sure to confirm every file works before adding them.

    OK. So I wasn't able to play sounds in .m4a nor .ogg formats - it didnt work on dolphin browser nor CocoonJS export, but i found out that if you add a wav file to a clean .capx project and you add an .mp3 file to the export, then it does work.

    I think that cocoon wasn't able to play the .wav file but the browser was.

    CocoonJS was able to reproduce the MP3 file that i added to the export zip.

    So heres the sum up:

    If you own a samsung or have a similar problem,

    -Create a new clean project just to test out

    -Add 1 .wav file and a trigger to play it

    -Construct will convert it to ogg and m4a

    -Preview in lan (on your tablet)

    -If it does not work - or if you're using CocoonJS, add a .mp3 to the export .zip

    -Try it on CocoonJS and see if it works.

    The first time i tried it i got really weird graphical bugs but i restarted the device (tablet) and it fixed the graphical bugs.

    This method does increase filesize but at least it solves the sound issue.

    I hope someone finds this usefull and i'm here to help in whatever i can.

    I'll leave a link to a sound-working CocoonJS export:

    The .capx:

    (use a random soundfile with the name abrir_saco.wav)

    Good luck everyone!


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