Sound Volume is global! With or without tag.

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  • Hi

    I use the new volume settings integrated in the latest beta build.

    When i set:

    play sound (MenuClick)

    Volume -20

    Tag "MenuClick"

    The sound MenuClick plays at the correct -20 volume.

    However, all the other sounds with or without tags also drop to -20

    Can u make this an individual volume instead of global?

    Im guessing it is supposed to be that, but it doesnt work that way.

    Im testing in CocoonJs so i dont know what the browsers do..


    The volume peaks are gone now sow the new method worked perfectly.

    Thanx for that!

    Kind Regards.


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  • Have you tried this in browsers too?

    I just rewrote all my audio code to take advantage of this as a I have tons of lazers and things firing in a layout that I don't want sounding when out of range/offscreen.

    So instead of applying volume to hundreds of individual tags for each object to set its volume, it's now possible to do it with the audio event itself, which is a godsend. :D

    Have you tried firing two different sounds on the same tag with different volumes?

  • JohnnySix

    On your first question the answer is no, i havent tried it in the browser yet because im building for iphone.

    So i dont need to test in the browser anymore.

    On your second question the answer is also no.

    I have tried to set the volume directly in the "playsound" action with and without a tag.

    It plays the sound correctly at the minus volume, but all other sounds also drop in volume with it.

    And that is with or without their own tags.

    It appears that atleast on CocoonJs all sounds are now volume linked.

    So they need to become individual again.

    Normaly thats what the "tag" is for.

    Ps: Yes the new volume option is a gift the scirra team has brought us.

    It just needs a tiny bit of finetuning to make it realy perfect.

    Kind regards.


  • Savvy001 - I can't reproduce this problem in any desktop browser. Please see how to report bugs. It is always essential to test a range of browsers and report on whether it is the same in all of them or only affects one. In this case it looks like it is a problem with CocoonJS only. Since CocoonJS is made by Ludei we can't fix it, you need to report it to them instead, so closing.

  • Ok i'l contact them again.

    Thanks for the insight.

    Kind Regards.

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