Sound stop playing after a short break of inactivity

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  • I can confirm that this is still happening.

    Heard the sound stops after X time.


    Sadly the problem reappeared.. I confirm too that the sound is lost after a short break of inactivity.

    Also somewhy, my game SaxManHealer ( ) not only loses audio, but also becomes buggy and unplayable after this short break of inactivity.

    The same latter also happened on iOS Safari before you fixed it (well it is still possible to reproduce it on iOS Safari by pressing home and quickly coming back to game again)

    Ahhhhh... <img src="{SMILIES_PATH}/icon_e_biggrin.gif" alt=":D" title="Very Happy">

  • Ashley

    UPDATE: Looks like Chrome devs fixed this problem only for situations, where games had any audio playing at the moment before the problem could be triggered.

    In example: if I leave a game to be inactive that has audio playing constantly it will be alright and the audio will no be lost.

    BUT if I leave a game inactive which has audio, BUT does not play any at that moment of leave - the game loses sound (and SaxManHealer also becomes buggy...)


  • The original issue reported in this thread was identified as a Chrome bug, which was since fixed. If you are still having trouble, check Chrome is up to date, and if you're using something like the XDK you may need to wait a little longer for the Chrome update to propagate to the XDK.

    Since this is a closed bug report, if you still have trouble which you think is not related to the Chrome issue here, please file a new report following all the guidelines.

  • I use preview over wifi and happens to me.

    I have not tried a apk generated in XDK.

    I have the last version of chrome in android.

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  • Ashley

    I really appreciate that you are constantly improving Construct2 and keep with us users in a close touch!

    I am using newest Chrome for Android + newest C2

    The bug was not totally fixed. I posted info on a chromium bugs site - ... pby=&sort=


    Bug is still reproducible in some circumstances. I will mention it below.

    *Game's tab is active and game's music playing. I leave it inactive, phone's screen turns off. I come back to the game after a couple of minutes and the sound is not lost and everything is fine. THAT'S WHAT WAS FIXED.

    *WHAT WAS NOT FIXED: Game's tab is active and game's music is NOT playing yet (still in menu and start button wasn't yet pressed in example). I leave it inactive, phone's screen turns off. I come back to the game after a couple of minutes and the sound IS LOST and returns only when the game's tab is refreshed (bad:) )"

    So in order for this fix to work, the audio needs to be played ALWAYS, which is definitely not true for a lot of games:)

    I will try a workaround by playing an inaudible sound every 1 sec just to keep the audio always active. Maybe this will work and I will let You know.


  • You've got to understand, while I am sure you mean well, to an engineer that kind of comment is not helpful. You need to follow the bug report guidelines, always, for everything, no matter what. A lot of our own bug guidelines also apply to other bug trackers. For example if you don't provide a demo showing the problem happening, there is nothing for an engineer to investigate. Like most software projects we get a huge number of false reports (50-60% of all our own bug reports aren't real bugs) so if you post a comment like that, all you'll get is a reply asking for an example showing it happening. I also still cannot look in to this any more myself for the same reason.

  • Bug report here:

  • This problem still exists in 2017.

  • This problem still exists in 2018...

    How hard is to fix this? dam...

    Doesn't work for me the "silent sound" workaround...

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