Sound problem in iOS with WKWebView

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  • Problem Description

    When I export my game with WKWebView, I don't hear any sound until I leave the game and then focus on it back. After I'm back in focus on my game all the sounds work well. But if I don't use WKWebView I can hear the sounds right when my game starts! (I'd prefer to use WKWebView because of difference in performance)

    Attach a Capx

    Description of Capx

    Logic game for kids

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Export the game with WKWebView plugin for iOS
    • Build the game for iOS with WKWebView plugin
    • Run the game on iOS
    • Wait for the game loaded and see the blue sky, buttons, Flying Parrots logo
    • Pay attention, there's no sound
    • Press on the iOS "Home" button
    • Go back to the Flying Patterns game
    • Hear the music

    Observed Result

    Music plays just after the game is back to focus

    Expected Result

    Music plays from the moment that game is loaded

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Intel XDK 3240 with CLI 4.5.1 and Cordova WKWebView Engine 1.0.2


    Construct 2 Version ID

    C 277

  • I've added the public .capx to the bug description ... mh6WnhyZ1k

  • Hi I have issue same as you, I think this is a bug for sure.

    When game load didn't hear sound till user click activity relate sound it will be back.

    Please fix it.

    I use...

    C227 + XDK 3357

    Note : No issue for android in the same project.

  • zeroflag it's just about WKWebView.

  • zeroflag it's just about WKWebView.

    So we should uncheck wkwebview when export ?

    And on intelXDK wkwebview plugin should be install or not ?

  • Yes, if you remove cordova wkwebview plugin from your IntelXDK project and then build your it - you have will have no problem with sound

  • Yes, if you remove cordova wkwebview plugin from your IntelXDK project and then build your it - you have will have no problem with sound

    So the issue is Intelxdk should uninstall wkwebview ? And Can i export via check wkwebview on C2 normally ? or Uninstall both c2 and xdk ?

  • Thanks for the report, this should be fixed in the next beta. Note however it appears to work the same as Safari, where audio is muted until the first touch.

  • Ashely

    I just try R229 this issue still not fix yet. When I preview on intelxdk the sound is work in beginning but...when run on test flight ios still silent till start touch on screen. Please check it again.

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  • zeroflag - please file a new bug report. I verified the .capx in this submission worked in r229.

  • Ashley Hi! I've updated Construct to r229, exported my game with WKWebView and build it in Intel XDK with the Corodva WKWebView plugin. I rum my game in iPhone 5 and it run well!!! No problem with sound. But when I try to run my game in iPad 3 I get black screen after the loading screen.

  • Ashley - I've installed r229 and exported and build 2 games. I've tested the games on iPhone 5 and iPad 3.

    First game run well on iPhone - no problem with the sound at all (the sound starts right form the beginning of the game) and doesn't run at all in iPad - I get black screen after the loading bar and that's all. I've tried to export and build the project without wkwebview, and I've got the same back screen.

    Second game run well on both iPhone and iPad, but on both of then sound behaviors like "Music" - starts to play just after first touch on the screen.

  • zeroflag Did you ever resolve this? I am on r235 and the latest XDK (3522) and I am seeing this for the first time now that I upraded to iOS 10 on my phone.

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