Sound distorted on iPhone 5 & 6

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  • b]Problem Description

    The sound gets distorted on both the iPhone 5c & iPhone 6 (this is all I had to test it on). The problem is NOT seen on the iPad 2.

    The sound distortion does not have to be an app, it can be seen as an HTML5 game posted on a site; and this problem will carry over when converted to an app.

    Open up HTML5 game in safari (on an iPhone 6 or 5) and the sound may or may not be distorted (distortion happens more often than not). If you hit refresh it usually clears up. However, if this is saved to the home screen or it's an app you can't refresh and are stuck with the distorted sound. If you close it completely and reopen it, it stays distorted (every time).

    However, if you close the game completely (double click and swipe up), and play another sound file (any sound file will do) then go back and open the game, play the file (in the game) it will not be distorted, and all other sound files will be fine for the remainder of the game. This will happen 100% of the time.

    This leads me to think there's something not being initialized. Also, the file that I played, that fixed the distortion, was a WAV file converted to a M4A file in Construct2 (I copied the M4A file to a link to play it outside the game). So - outside the game it plays fine. Inside the game it is distorted. Once distorted, I can get it undistorted by playing the M4A file from my site (but like I said, any sound file will do).

    I use a lot of voices in my games, so the distortion is very evident. Since I can't specify my games to be iPad only, they're being forced on to handhelds, and I risk getting poor reviews due to this issue.


    Attach a Capx ... ile%2ccapx

    HTML5 "game" file link to my site: ... index.html

    Link to M4A file made from a WAV file, brought into Construct2 and converted:

    This M4A file is used to "reset" the sound to get rid of the distortion. Note that it can be any sound file (like a song) however, this file may provide more clues since it's the exact same file that is in the HTML5 "game", only moved out of the game to a link on my site.


    Description of Capx

    This Capx is a simple button that you press, and you will hear a voice for testing purposes.

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    Open the HTML5 file up on an iPhone 5 or 6. Press the button to hear the voice. It may or may not be distorted (usually it is). If it isn't , completely close it (double clicking and sliding up) and try several more times. In my experience it will happen quickly. Once it goes distorted, it never fixes itself (if you close and reopen).

    Note that if using Safari, you can refresh and it usually fixes itself. However, if you saved to your home-screen you don't have this refresh option, and once it goes distorted you can't get it back (unless you play another sound file - such as music). This is also the case if you made the game into an app.

    Step 1 - Using an iPhone (5 or 6), open the HTML5 game ( ... index.html ). Press the button to hear the voice. If it's not distorted, completely close it (double click and swipe up) and try again. It usually happens in the first or second try.

    Step 2 - Once the voice is distorted you cannot fix it by closing and reopening. But you can fix it by playing just about anything. For debugging purposes, I used an M4A file that was converted from a WAV file inside Construct2 (I just copied the M4A file from the capx to my site). Close the game completely (double click and swipe up), play this file (here's the link:

    Step 3 - After playing the M4A file, go back and reopen the HTML5 file, it will NOT be distorted.

    Observed Result

    iPhone construct 2 games have distorted sounds (very evident when there is a voice talking).

    Expected Result

    Distorted sounds when sounds are played from Construct 2 games on iPhone devices.

    Note - this happens consistently, with every game, and is also fixed every time by playing another file.

    Affected Browsers

    Safari since this is only seen on the iPhone.

    Operating System and Service Pack

    ____ Your operating system and service pack ____

    Construct 2 Version ID



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  • This should be fixed in the latest release. Please only test the latest version like the bug report guidelines state. Closing.

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