[SOLVED][104 - 105] Construct 2 won't launch WinXP

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  • Hi,

    Since r104 Construct 2 can't start on my computer.

    WinXp Sp3 - Nvidia 9600 GT

    I've got no internet access on this PC.

    It's working fine up to r103.2

    I'm stuck with these two errors when starting.

    This one

    <img src="http://whitenights.free.fr/BugReports/Construct2DigitalSignature.png" border="0" />

    followed by

    <img src="http://whitenights.free.fr/BugReports/Construct2DigitalSignature2.png" border="0" />

    I removed completely the previous install instead of letting Construct do it.

    But still no luck.

    It's strange because it's working on my older PC which has WinXP SP3 on it.

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  • I think this problem is specific to your computer, because we have heard other Windows XP users successfully using the latest versions of Construct 2.

    I think you're missing some Windows Updates - is it possible to connect the computer to the internet, install all the latest updates via Windows Update, then try again?

  • Ok, will try Windows Update.

    Thanks for the quick answer :)

    Now onto searching for offline updates (sic).


    updating resolved the problem !

    With this tool if anybody is interested in a simple offline update system.

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