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  • Solved. " had C2 running in compatibility mode on accident."

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    [R72] 64bit install, running on Win 7 64bit. When importing audio files. Construct 2 will not convert PCM.wav file to AAC. Dialog says "needs Windows 7+ to convert to AAC"

    [R72] 32bit install running on Win 7 64bit. Will import audio as expected.


    1. new project single file.

    2. import audio, choose file I tested with Explosion 1.wav


    64bit install. no AAC convert.

    32bit install. converts to all formats as expected.

    Tested on

    Windows 7 64bit



  • Can you provide the audio file that does not import? I develop on Windows 7 64-bit and it imports audio just fine, so it makes me think it can't be to do with Windows 7 being 64-bit.

    Edit: are you sure you haven't set a compatibility mode on Construct 2 or something? The code to check the Windows version is really simple, and is in fact identical between the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Construct 2.

  • You are correct. Somehow Construct 2 got switched into of all things. compatibility mode for vista.   Not sure how I managed to do that without knowing.

    Guess I should of checked the simple things first.   

    Thank you

  • Well, glad to know it's not a C2 problem anyway :)

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  • Should anybody search for this issue in the future and find this thread like I did:

    If you find that your compatibility settings are already set correctly and you are running the Steam version of Construct, check Steam's settings as well!

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