(SOLVED) iOS crashes when touch a sprite

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  • SOLVED..

    SOLVED !

    iOS ( and only iOS) did not like the sound file ( to play when touching sprite) for some reason, when I changed it to a different sound file, it works fine...

    Link to .capx file (required!):


    Here also is a working demo ( stripped down version - no extra layouts and no pulgins - of the game/bug )

    click here

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. On an iOs device, simply try to touch the green buttons on the left side on the menu layout.

    I have tried many fixes,

    a. disabled the global variable 'events'

    b. change the name of event sheet and layout

    c. changed the sprites


    always the same problem.

    UPDATE ....

    I have been tinkering with this problem ....

    I disabled the sound play event and it works fine on the iOS device,

    so it doesn't like playing that sound...


    the file name is Sound_Click

    let me remove the underscore to it will be SoundClick

    same crash ..

    so it doesn't like playing that sound , let me change it to a different sound file altogether and see what happens...

    stay tuned..


    I tried swapping out the sound to a completely different sound and it works on my iOS devices...


    Observed result:

    crashes when I press a button

    Expected result:

    change the sound that is played when playing the game.

    Browsers affected:

    iOS Chrome: YES

    iOS Safari: YES

    works fine on a computer /// I have NOT tested on an android device as I don't have one.

    Operating system & service pack:

    I have two iOS devices, one with the latest iOS 7, and another with an older iOS 6..

    same problem on both devices.

    Construct 2 version:


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  • opps.. my bad

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