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  • Hi guys, i was working like i do every day with Construct 2 and i decided to add a platform that disappears, like in those games where the platform is active, then it becomes inactive and you have to time your jump on another one then the platform gets active again.

    To do it i decided to use the Solid behaviour :

    -If the platform is between active frames : Solid is Enabled

    -If the platform is between active frames : Solid is Disabled

    But when i tried it, something was wrong,

    If the player stays on the platform when Solid gets Disabled, the player will still be on the platform and won't fall through.

    But if he goes down and tries to jump again, it works, the platform is not solid.

    So... what should i do?

  • You could try:

    On Solid Disabled |

    | Player.Platform Set Jump Strength to 1

    | Player.Platform Simulate Jump

    | Player.Platform Set Platform vector Y to -Player.Platform.JumpStrength (you might not need this) make the player jump just a teeny bit right when the solid gets disabled.

    If you want to submit a bug report you need to obey this regime btw:

  • Just add a slight movement to the player when you disable the platform and they should fall. Jump would work or move left or right.

    Not a bug and just a direction issue that you need to be aware of. If you don't move the player it is still following the last movement you set. That is not an issue using physics but is with direction controls.

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  • It works!

    I understand, i'll think of it each time i make those platforms, thank you!

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