Snap Fails - Window 8.1

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  • Link to .capx file (required!):

    Not required. Just use Scirra Windows 8 Template

    Steps to reproduce:

    1. Export and target VS 2013

    2. Open in VS 2013 and create Test Certificate

    3. Run the project

    4. Try to snap the app

    Observed result:

    The snap screen does not appear an the game is not paused

    Expected result:

    Snap screen should become visible and the game should pause

    Browsers affected:

    VS 2013: Yes

    Operating system & service pack:

    Windows 8.1 (Current Version)

    VS 2013 (Current Version)

    Construct 2 version:


    NOTE: If you export an target and open in VS 2012 - all works as expected.

  • Windows 8.1 has simply removed support for the snapping and view state detection features. We'll deprecate them in the next build. To work around it, use the Browser object's 'On resized' event and window size detection to reimplement the features if you wish. We'll also remove the pause-on-snap feature from the Windows 8 template.

  • Ashley Any chance you can provide some events for this built in to replace the old windows object events? Maybe some handy on resize pause type options? Also, Is there any way we could force the suspend behavior as seen in the "Pause on Unfocus" event? Due to the complexity of some of the events in my game, using timescale 0 breaks some things like jump velocity, etc... The Pause on Unfocus does not seem to have any of these issues and on resume the game picks up as if nothing happened.

  • BluePhaze - you can just use the Browser object's 'On resized' trigger and the window size expressions to handle resizes yourself. Setting the timescale to 0 is how we recommend implementing pause, and isn't specific to Windows 8 at all.

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  • Thanks Ashley, that is what I have done, it just required a lot of extra logic for tracking the state of items in the game at the time of pause. I was just hoping that the Suspend/Resume actions that happen when the browser loses focus might be made available as states that you can set at will in order to implement a much better method of pausing. With setting timescale to 0 has some extra baggage with it that the browsers suspended state does not seem to have. It just seems like a much more thorough pause method that somehow keeps the state of all objects and picks up perfectly when it resumes. I tried forcing this using the browsers blur and focus actions but they didn't achieve that Suspend/Resume functionality.

  • Suspending is no good for pausing, because it suspends the entire engine. Since no events are running it is impossible for it to resume!

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