Simple Game Crashes after a minute of playing

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  • I'm new to Construct 2 and thought I'd start out easy by trying one of the given tutorials.

    I ended up getting disappointed when I repetitively got a crash. It usually happens after the game runs for a minute or so. the increasing number of objects tend to aggravate this problem.

    I first noticed this problem when I set the game to shoot bullets while the mouse was down. This cause bullets to be fired 60 times a second. At that time I thought the crash was reasonable. Too many objects equalled crash.

    HOWEVER, the version I am showing you right now doesn't have that many objects and it still crashes.


    os: win XP via VMware 4

    Browser: Chrome


  • did you add the "destroy outside layout" behavior to the bullets?

  • I'm not sure, but it might be WMware that causes this issue. I don't know how well a virtual machine can handle stuff like hardware rendered canvas/webgl.

    Since you are running it on WMware, what is your normal OS? Does the game crash in that OS as well?

  • It looks like a bug in Chrome. We can't fix issues like that, you should report them to Google.

    However, VMs can sometimes cause issues like this - have you tried running Chrome in the host OS rather than in a VM? If you cannot reproduce the problem in the host OS it could well be a bug in the VM, in which case it's neither Google's nor our fault. I wouldn't recommend running a browser in a VM anyway, since the performance is likely to be very poor.

  • My host OS is Mac OSX LION.

    I'm not sure how to play the game on the host. When I try the game on the vmware chrome browser, it takes me to "localhost:25000".

    Going there on the host doesn't take me there. Not really sure how it would be done. If its already in a tutorial then I guess I'd eventually find that answer.

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  • did you add the "destroy outside layout" behavior to the bullets?


  • I don't think we can consider this a bug until you reproduce it outside of a VM - it could be that VMWare has buggy GPU virtualization, in which case the problem should be reported to them.

  • I experienced this crash when constructing the tutorial game.

    Javascript error!


    localhost/glwrap.js, line 1298 (col undefined)

    This is either a bug in Construct 2 or a problem in a third party plugin or behavior - please report it to the developer!

  • iskeen - nothing can be done about your report unless you post a new thread and fill out every field. All that information is required.

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