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  • Problem Description

    When you Shift Right click drag to select multiple tiles for the tilemap, it simply selects the first tile you are on to the last and creates the new brush from the tilemap based on the index of the tile. If my drag starts and ends on the same tile then my brush is only one tile and is that same tile. If you start on tile index 0 and finish on tile index 5 then you get a brush that is as though you simply selected a rectangle of tiles from the tilemap panel from 0 -5, not the tiles you actually selected.

    Attach a Capx

    Create a capx, create a tilemap. This doesn't need a specific capx

    Steps to Reproduce Bug

    • Step 1 - create tile map and draw the tiles with it
    • Step 2 - Shift right lick drag from a to b
    • Step 3 - note that what you dragged across didn't get copied...

    Observed Result

    -Note that what you dragged across didn't get copied

    Expected Result

    That you actually copy what you are dragging the across. Like in any other program. Imagine if in photoshop when you copy a section of an image but when you paste it simply pastes an interpolation from pixel A (in the top left) to pixel b in the bottom right. That's useless.

    Operating System and Service Pack

    Win 7 sp 1

    Construct 2 Version ID


  • I'm not sure what you mean, you've just described how it's supposed to work and not provided a .capx. It was implemented as per original user feature requests to do just that: not select areas of the tilemap, but to select patches in the source image.

  • Ashley - but why would anyone need that?

    I didn't provide a capx because it hinges on my explanation... Which if its supposed to work like that... but I don't understand... why would anyone need that? Its not like they couldn't just select it from the panel? And a properly optimized tilemap usually won't have a whole lot of continuity as far as tile relations go.

    I've attached some gifs that illustrate the problem a little better than words can.

    In this first gif, I begin by creating a slope. I want this slope to repeat for a while but there is no good way to select a larger shape, so I build it block by block for the most part. ... p.gif?dl=0

    The real kicker comes when I want another slope, that looks the same... or perhaps that I need to move the slope over by 2 blocks... I can't. But if shift click drag copied from the tilemap and not the source, the built in tilemap becomes... well, usable. For example: ... s.gif?dl=0

    I remember Tokinsom having talked alot about this a while back, and I recal alot of people getting excited over simply shift right click copy, which is super handy, but its handiness exponentially grows with dragging. Being able to rotate and flip these selections is the ultimate tile mappers tool. But I know for one thing Tokinsom wanted to be able to copy from the map not the source when he mentioned drag copying...

    Again... I don't understand the need to copy from the source, unless you have a rather redundant source image.

  • It's so if your tilemap has a large object, e.g. a tree, made from a patch of 3x3 tiles, you can quickly pick it up and stamp it out again. Also if your tilemap is arranged such that 9-patch sections are intact on the spritesheet too, you can pick up any 9-patch area with the same feature. I think you're asking for a select/copy/paste feature, which is a separate feature request.

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  • it doesnt make any sense how it is now, i think anyone understood that "feature" as copy any combinationation of tiles and repaste them instead of how you descibe it

  • Ashley - that makes sense, but again optimizing the source often destroys that continuity. And yes, obviously it isn't a bug if that is how it was meant to work - I agree with though, I like many I think, thought it was a copy feature -

    On a side note, the separate feature I describe would provide the same benefit it does in its current format but would be a much more useful and robust feature.

    I think plenty others on the forum thought it was a copy paste toll from the work area, not the source. But since we are on the topic.... is this feature planned? Also, how about clearing a tilemap?

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