Shader extend-box problem [r165]

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  • This is a callback to a problem from rev161, mentioned here: r161-bumpmapping_t95603

    After many updates, the problem is still there. When you set either extend-box-horizontal or extend-box-vertical to any value other than 0, your shader will not work as intended. vTex.y coordinates get flipped upside down and the borders of the image in the shader seem to extend way beyond the image's actual borders.

    I created two videos to illustrate this, a shader that simulates a tree bending left and right periodically, and with more intensity the farther the pixel is from the root. The only difference in the two videos, is that I changed the extend-box-horizontal in the shader from 0 to 5.

    Working like it should

    NOT working

    Problem exists at least in the previewer, once exported, on firefox, chrome and node webkit

  • Ashley will more than likely close this as you haven't followed the posting guidelines, especially the part about including a minimal .capx with clear steps to reproduce.

    It also enables others to also test, just in case it's system specific.

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  • Yeah except for the fact that I created two videos, explained the problem in details, and linked to a thread where the problem was discussed and where I posted a capx also showing and explaining the problem.

    But thanks for your input

  • Closing as duplicate report (you linked to an existing thread in the Bugs forum), please reply to that thread to add more information.

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