Several level switching bugs and then some.

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  • Where to start? First I want to say how awesome the engine is. haha I don't want to sound like I'm being harsh at all but lot's of issues are going on with the new release. haha

    I'll say how I have the game set up. The game has multiple levels. All named like so: level0, level1, level2 and so forth. So far it's up to level 10. I have it switching to the next level by use of a global number variable called level that counts up one and goes to the next layout by name like so: "level"&level. Does so by a button press.

    Now for the bugs.

    level0 works fine. But when I win and press the button it'll go to the next level sure enough but nothing will happen. Not even the object I have outside of the layout will perform the destroy outside layout behavior. Everything is just static.

    Next issue was when I try to start on one of the other levels and all kinds of trippy stuff goes on. "Shadows" of the moving objects show up. Like a trail behind say a rectangle that rotates and it'll look like a circle because so many 'shadows' of itself trail behind. Even starts lagging my computer a tad. But stuff does happen but not properly of course.

    I tried to recreate this in its basic form, but it worked just fine so I don't know if I can make a .capx for you guys. I can see if I can recreate it again. See if I can't encounter the bug in some way. I'll do that when I get home.

    That's all the bugs I've encountered so far. Thank you for the awesome engine and hopefully these bugs get fixed. haha


  • Does this only happen in the latest build? Do you use a single event sheet for all the level layouts? Are you sure all the necessary objects are in each layout? Can you post a .capx? Honestly it just sounds like you messed up your events or something somewhere ;)

  • I'll post a .capx but give me a few to strip some stuff out if you don't mind?

    And I might of messed up but it was all working just fine until I updated. I also have an event sheet for each layout dedicated to that layout. So 10 levels 10 event sheets.

    I forgot to post my stats too. My OS is 64 bit Windows 7. I don't know if that makes a difference but let me put together a .capx for ya.


  • Is this new to r79? If the game freezes, check for browser errors - are there any? If you can it's extremely helpful to have a .capx or at least an exported project online which has the issue so we can check it out ourselves.

  • Okay that's odd. So among some more careful examination and testing I found out what the issues were. One was any level that I had the layer set to transparent was going nuts. Took that out and it's fine on those. Now remember that level that I said didn't do anything? I had an object with the platform command simulating a jump. Took that out and it's fine. Made a brand new project and put another platform simulate jump and it did the exact same thing. Froze it. So now that we know exactly what's causing it that should help yes?

    I'll send the .capx anyway to show you what happened. Let me upload it to drop box.


    Hopefully that link works. Took me a bit to figure how to work drop box. haha

  • And Ashley, yes it's new to r79. The whole thing was fine until I updated.


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  • dre38w that link does not work here, did you put it in the 'Public' folder? If not it's private and only you can access it.

  • I want to apologize for posting so many times. haha

    I checked that link you posted and the error that came up is allover is null localhost.50000/Platform behavior.js line 592. Hope that helps.


    Yeah, I didn't have it in the right folder. Sorry about that. haha See if this one works.

  • : Check the fix in this post.

  • Got it. Sorry if I was being a bother. I thought it was something else than it really was.

    Thank you so much guys! Awesome work!

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