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  • Both the "origin and image points" and "set collision polygon" icons stopped showing up in the Jan 2nd build.

  • Are you using windows XP ?

    I remember that I used to have this issue, the icon not displaying (but you can still click on their place and activate the feature when needed.

    On win7, it works/displays the icon as expected.

  • I'm using XP and both show correctly for me for build R74.

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  • zenox98: When I used XP, launching C2 it appeared too. But after a while using the soft (during the same day, you know), it happened that the icons simply disappeared.

    I've had reported it to Ashley once, but there wasn't reproductible pattern apparently. It just felt like a random issue.

    And as, anyway I could still use the function, only had a visual disagreement, I did not cared too much about it.

  • If you reboot do they come back? Might be a weird bug/issue with Windows XP itself, never had this reported on Vista or 7.

  • Since november (date of install of my win7) I didn't encountered it either.

  • I'm actually running Windows7. It was working before I updated to the latest version. Later tonight I'll double check to see if the problem still exists after restarting.

  • OK. I have restarted several times and the icons still don't show up. I'm not sure if this helps, but the button highlight effect works when I mouse over where the icons should be.

  • At least this shows the button haven't simply disappeared, just their texture isn't displaying correctly.

    Check that your graphic card drivers are up to date, as well as your opengl drivers this might help.

  • After installing Win 7 Pro, and all the latest drivers and service packs, this effect of missing textures (or whatever it is) has appeared for me.

    As yet, I haven't found a resolution, but as the functionality isn't impaired, it's not such a big deal.

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