[Semi-Solved]-[R73] Mouse Over Sprite

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  • When you mouse over a sprite, it will not act as expected. The "zone" of the sprite seems to be some randomly chosen (if at all, in some cases it won't work at all!) area within or near the object that will activate the action.

    See capx: DOWNLOAD

    Simply move your mouse over the iphone, to make it change animation frames. Notice that it only works when you are near the centre of the object, but not near the edges. In my project, this particular object doesn't even work at all, but in this new example it at least works to some degree.

    Hopefully it's an easy fix.


  • If the collision box for the second frame is set to Bounding box like the first, then it works ok.

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    *checking now*

    You're right. It now works just fine. The collision mask for frame two was set to some weird and random triangle off in the bottom corner of the frame.

    Why was this not a problem in the past?

    {SOLVED} - Thanks Zenox98


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