Saving in folder miss a folder and bug the project

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  • Ashley,

    I don't want share this file in public, so, I decided to PM you. I hope you don't care about this shortcut.

    If you load this file: please, PM to receive the file.

    and save it on the folder format, it will glitch the texture folder, missing all the textures inside it, breaking the file.

    I did a backup to workaround this issue, and when you restore the folder, the project can be opened as well.

    See you.

  • Our PMs are disabled, instead of PMing please email any files to us.

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  • Ashley, finally I did a procedure for the bug!!!!

    Start a brand new project.

    Create a tiled background.

    Save the project in folder.

    Close C2.

    Open the project.

    Create another texture.

    Save it in CAPX file.

    Save in folder but on new clean folder, not the first one, for example.

    Check the texture folder, it's missing the first texture and there is only the second, added while the software is running.

    It missed to import to the CAPX the pre existent textures and saved on the CAPX only the new texture added when you opened it.

    Close the project and try to open it again, it will give you an error, telling you it's missing a texture.

    That's it, I was not going crazy =D

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