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    Hope its on the right place here..... Hello. I have 2 problems and I am not sure that´s are bugs..... 1. I have make a big game project. Now its done. But the game runs in mozilla firefox very slow (frames) and in IE it runs with normal speed without problems.... why? And the second problem is, that the load in game from the saveslot crashs Internetexplorer and in firefox it runs without problems

    The Version of C2: 178 (64 bit) on steam

    The Game is 105 mb

    Resolution 960 *720 (Letterbox Scale)

    Use Win 8

    The Game Save when the player walk on a checkpoint [with music playing] to one slot. In the beginning of the game you can press (l)oad game and when i press l, the game freeze in IE and in firefox it runs!

    My Question: Where can i buy a meltinggun for the two explorer or can i destroy this problems otherway?

    p.s.: sry for my bad english

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  • Closing, please follow the bug report guidelines or your report will not be investigated. All the requested information is necessary to be able to investigate.

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